Friday, June 17, 2011

15 wks 5 days

I am now almost 16 weeks pregnant and we know that there is an 80% chance of it being a girl. Lance has always wanted a boy being as he is the only one in his family out of 4 girls. But he warmed up to it and now loves the thought of having a precious baby girl to hold everyday! We decided on the name Lola (because it is just darling) Marie ( named after one of my big sissys that passed away in 2007 in a car crash, Johnna Marie Leone-Degroot) Amos ( DUH) :)
We can't wait to take this step in our lives! It almost seems too good to be true.. She is growing like a weed and kicking already! We have had 2 ultrasounds done and have a total of 10 pics of our princess. So here they are... ENJOY!!


Our little alien baby ( FACE)

Profile with her legs crossed and her little fingers

Her little ribs and an arm and hand

And last her little spine

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