Friday, September 30, 2011

Doctor Check Up

We had the BEST doctors visit today! I haven't gained any weight which I was ecstatic about so I weight 134 still. The baby is doing FaNtAsTiC! My belly is measuring perfect and my cervix is still closed. They did another test to see if I am due to deliver within the next 2 weeks so we have to wait to get those results back but I am sure this bedrest is gonna keep her in there nice and cozy to full term! And the BEST news of ALL.......... I get off bedrest at 36 weeks WAHOOO! Only 5 1/2 more weeks of bedrest to go.

And I do have to mention the AWESOME baby carrier Grandma Suzy got for us... Thanks so much!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Only 10 Weeks Left

Ahhh only 10 weeks to go! HOLY COW 10 WEEKS! I can't believe that I will be a mommy in just 10 weeks... It seems so unreal!

Lola and I are doing GREAT! We are still on bed rest and still on the Diabetic Diet but we have reduced a ton of the fluid in there and not contracting as much. I love getting good news! We also got to see her on the ultrasound and she is getting big! Her head is down and feet are up in my ribs OH JOY :) (its not too pleasant but I can manage as long as my baby is comfortable)!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hospital stay and now bedrest BLEH..

OKAY... Here is the whole hospital story so everyone gets it at once :)

I went to work at the Daycare on Tuesday. I was exhausted when I got home at 5 and made Lance and I some dinner. While eating I had a few contractions that were pretty close together. My doctor told me that if I were to have more then 3 in 1 hr I needed to go in. So.. we waited a little while longer and they just kept coming. Being new to all this I wasn't sure if they were contractions or something else so I tried to look it up but everyones bodies are different obviously.
Lance said next contraction we are going in... and of course I am STRESSING to the MAX because I don't know what to expect its the first time going in and I do NOT want this baby to come out yet her mama isn't ready!....I called the on-call physician at the Hospital and she said come in ASAP!
So we get some things together (i didn't have my hospital bag together-not making that mistake again) and we jump in the truck and head to the hospital. We were sent on detours there might I add and Lance wasn't too happy! We get there and immediately I go to a room and they hook the baby monitor and contraction monitor up and sure enough I was contracting pretty heavily. I was having the braxton hicks but in between I was having real contractions that were lasting anywhere from 40-60 seconds.
They tried hydrating me-that didn't work. They tried shooting me up with Morphine-that didn't work. They finally put Magnesium through me and did a ton of swabs and tests that weren't so pleasant and did a catheter..EHH!
The doctor finally said nothing is working get her up to the high risk doc and do an ultrasound and figure out why she is contracting.. I get up there and he tells me after doing the ultrasound that I have 2x the amount of amniotic fluid in my sac then normal, so basically I am in-taking too much sugar and carbs and its making the baby pee too much and filling the sac.
SO he puts me on a medication called Indocin and keeps the Magnesium on. They monitor me and determine that even though i have a soft cervix I am not dilating and my cervix is long, so I get to go home......WITH RESTRICTIONS! I have to be on bed-rest until further notice and I have to be on a diabetic diet SUCK!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Glucose Test DISASTER!

This past week I was dreading for Thursday night to come.. This was the night I had to start to fast for my Glucose test the next morning at 9:15. This is how it went... I couldn't sleep at night of course because I am so uncomfortable and I was super hungry! So the night just drug on. I woke up at 7am Choppy doesn't let me sleep past 7 that punk! And I wasn't able to have my morning cup of coffee or eat anything until my doctors app. So I am super grumpy and we get to the doctors and they make me wait in the waiting room for half an hour before I was called back to drink that nasty drink! It was a lot too!! I was told to go back and wait the hour but in that hour I would be able to see my doctor for my check up...well that didn't happen! I was soo dizzy for the first 30 mins cause I had a major sugar rush it sucked! Then I go back and get my blood drawn after the hour was up (which I hate having to do)! And had to go back out to the waiting room and wait another 30 mins till I got to see the doctor! I hate that every time we go there it's always an hour past my app time till I actually see the doctor! So I see the doctor I weight 134 lbs BLEH I have gained 20 pounds.. but the baby is good and her heart rate was 158.
Afterwards we go to Chipotle because I am starving and haven't had it in like 6 months! And it was delicious... but gave me horrible heartburn and a pretty bad upset stomach, which wasn't fun!
Later that day I take a nap and wake up with this ungodly huge migraine and cried for like 2 hrs straight because I couldn't get it to ease up.. I didn't make dinner I just went straight to bed.. Well Lancer came to bed around 10:30 and I woke up and my stomach just hurt soo gosh dang bad and my head was even worse! If you don't know me when I get headaches like that I puke and it goes away instantly. So I go into the bathroom and am puking, Lance comes in and gets me some watered down gatorade and some new clothes because I peed myself (being pregnant I get that luxury of not being able to control it). Then I get in the shower and my headache was gone and I felt like a new person and slept like a baby!!!! THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT!