Saturday, August 27, 2011

Anxious And Nervous As It Gets Closer

So we have made it to 26 weeks!
Things have been a little stressful lately and I haven't had time to blog about this precious baby girl and it makes me sad. I have been working around little kids the past few weeks in childcare and they got me sick boo :( (It was bound to happen right..).
Lola has been one active little baby growing and kicking like crazy! The contractions have started and I can feel her body when I do have one. It is kind of a weird feeling but so cool! The closer it gets to delivery the more nervous and anxious I get. There are so many emotions.. becoming a mommy, taking on the responsibility of a baby, nerves about delivering<-- this is prob the one that freaks me out the most.. and just the change in our lives that we are going to be experiencing through this journey of raising a family. But I am sure everything will be just fine when she is finally here..

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