Friday, September 16, 2011

Hospital stay and now bedrest BLEH..

OKAY... Here is the whole hospital story so everyone gets it at once :)

I went to work at the Daycare on Tuesday. I was exhausted when I got home at 5 and made Lance and I some dinner. While eating I had a few contractions that were pretty close together. My doctor told me that if I were to have more then 3 in 1 hr I needed to go in. So.. we waited a little while longer and they just kept coming. Being new to all this I wasn't sure if they were contractions or something else so I tried to look it up but everyones bodies are different obviously.
Lance said next contraction we are going in... and of course I am STRESSING to the MAX because I don't know what to expect its the first time going in and I do NOT want this baby to come out yet her mama isn't ready!....I called the on-call physician at the Hospital and she said come in ASAP!
So we get some things together (i didn't have my hospital bag together-not making that mistake again) and we jump in the truck and head to the hospital. We were sent on detours there might I add and Lance wasn't too happy! We get there and immediately I go to a room and they hook the baby monitor and contraction monitor up and sure enough I was contracting pretty heavily. I was having the braxton hicks but in between I was having real contractions that were lasting anywhere from 40-60 seconds.
They tried hydrating me-that didn't work. They tried shooting me up with Morphine-that didn't work. They finally put Magnesium through me and did a ton of swabs and tests that weren't so pleasant and did a catheter..EHH!
The doctor finally said nothing is working get her up to the high risk doc and do an ultrasound and figure out why she is contracting.. I get up there and he tells me after doing the ultrasound that I have 2x the amount of amniotic fluid in my sac then normal, so basically I am in-taking too much sugar and carbs and its making the baby pee too much and filling the sac.
SO he puts me on a medication called Indocin and keeps the Magnesium on. They monitor me and determine that even though i have a soft cervix I am not dilating and my cervix is long, so I get to go home......WITH RESTRICTIONS! I have to be on bed-rest until further notice and I have to be on a diabetic diet SUCK!

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