Monday, October 24, 2011

Almost Ready! 34wks 1day

What a week this has been! We went to the doctor last thursday because I was experiencing a lot of pressure. They checked me and no my cervix is slightly open and she is very low in my pelvis which is why I am feeling the pressure. So she is almost ready :)

I am now 34 weeks 1 day pregnant and feeling every bit of it!! It has gotten very hard to get out of bed and to even sleep but its all worth it :)

This past weekend we have been packing and cleaning stuff out for goodwill because WE ARE MOVING! Hooray I couldn't be any happier to get into a house with a yard :) And to set up our baby girls nursery.

My wonderful Coastie Wives threw me a baby shower on Sunday at La Brisa and it was the best day! I was able to get out and just relax with a great bunch of ladies!

I gained my sanity back and am ready to tackle this last 2 weeks of bedrest..

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